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IT Administrator of the Organizations having SQL server remain in a constant hunt of - how to improve the performance and availability of the SQL server? Prevailing reasons for degrading performance are usually found to be system resource contention, low query performance, poor application architecture, etc. Server Monitoring is the way out to achieve and maintain high performance along with increasing availability. By precise monitoring, the problems can be easily identified and located at the server, hardware or application level. The tasks of tracking and monitoring various issues of SQL server can be simplified by implementing Server monitoring tools.

SQL Server Monitoring software is an advanced and expedient tool that helps to analyze the performance and storage structure of SQL server. By constantly notifying the administrators about capacity, storage space, etc via real time alerts, it helps them to attain optimal performance of SQL server and high availability.

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This multifarious monitoring utility provides the feature to shrink the SQL database for better space management. Additionally, it lets the admin to schedule defragmentation of database for meliorating the server performance. Furthermore, it facilitates the user by reorganizing the heaps and indexes which help improve the search performance. Although SQL Server Monitoring software is wide in terms of functionality yet it provides an extremely user-friendly environment.

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Furthermore, SQL Server Monitoring software is compatible with SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 and can be instantly installed without the need of any additional agents on the server. For user�s convenience, a free evaluation version of software can be downloaded from the website to analyze the functionality of the software.

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Software Features
Provides better management of disk space by shrinking database, File and File Groups
Allows to create, remove and switch the partitions from Tables and Index level
Generate real time alerts related to SQL events and fragmentation alerts about status of fragmented Index, views and tables
Reorganize the indexes and heaps to match the order of leaf-level pages and hence improves search performance
Notifies the users via email regarding the status of jobs that it created which the users first verify and then can take necessary actions on it
Helps improve performance by scheduling and carrying out defragmentation at the required time
Embedded with Sliding Window Scenario which automates the partition management process
Provides the facility of scheduling different jobs like Shrinking, Defragmentation, Sliding Window Partitioning, etc.
Helps to forecast the disk space growth in advance so that the future requirement of space can be managed
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